In case you haven't already discovered it, digital technology can put Denny Delk in your studio almost anywhere in the world with just a phone call.

From Denny's in-home recording booth, an ISDN connection is made to a studio in your town with similar ISDN capacity. And that's as easy as dialing the phone. You get to hear the takes in real time as they're recorded, direct Denny to whatever performance you desire, even record with talent at your studio and Denny in his booth and hear it all in digital quality. And your recording engineer can edit, mix, and do all the post production magic immediately, without waiting for tapes to ship. In fact, the only downside to digital patch recording is not getting to have coffee together after.

Denny is also available to work in a number of top quality studios in the San Francisco Bay Area, with tape shipped to you overnight. We can help you make the arrangements. Just call and we'll start the wheels rolling.
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